Duck hunting

An internist, a surgeon and a pathologist decided to go duck hunting together. A couple of mornings later they found themselves sitting in a duck-blind waiting for the birds. Pretty soon a bird appeared on the horizon. The internist watched it carefully as it came over and said, "Gentlemen, observe the colorful plumage, the quacking call and the web feet trailing behind." As the bird disappeared out of range, he said, "Based on my observation, I would venture that we have seen a duck, but further tests may be necessary before we decide on a course of action." The other doctors looked blankly at him, but there was a slight sneer from the surgeon.

It wasn't long until another bird appeared. They waited until it came closer and then the surgeon leaped to his feet with his gun. Blammmmmm....Blaaamm...Blaaaaaaaammm.. Feathers and pieces of feet, blood and guts and bill exploded overhead. A sorry looking carcass fell into the blind. The surgeon turned to the pathologist and said, "Hey friend, would'ja mind runnin' over and get that thing and lettin me if it was a duck."

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